Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Divine Yearnings Shared We

Divine yearnings shared we, amidst anguished state of mind

Awakened beams of love, could a feeble shadow hide
Gleam of vision dissolves in poetic oceans timeless
As we journey through spaces illuminant.
Tears and laughter, Pains and rains Light and darkness
Death and births, and Life and lust float upon river of thoughts
Poetry fills my abyss transcending me to another realm
Where gates eternal love open with a warm welcome.
The infinite sky has dawned and this a wonderful morn
Like those feathery birds let this thought be
Wind-floated and reach your palm
I now hear the hymns of abode as I pen
My rain soaked words are cleansed afresh
The midnight thunders let me sleep not
Beauty of torrential morn blooms exotic thoughts
Let this dawn be my bliss
Glorious God of eternal light is on his steed of truth
Earthly plants bow him with joyous overwhelm
Mighty Gods and lofty nature tune my heart
With the rays of golden Sun my poetry is spun
Lush fields lie sated in heavenly downpour
Milky cranes dig the fields with their long beaks
Nature wraps me in its torrential robe, splendid
Watching me rain-clad Earth sighs in amazed silence
Tranquil now is the complex grieving heart
Yet, poignant thoughts fuel my mystic mind
Delighted sky showers as watery blossoms
Reposed eyes embrace nature and sparkles
Spirit cries, spirit rejoices seeking ultimate freedom
Poetry suddenly flows like heavenly streams
Glowing leaves drip chlorophyll drizzles
Distant thunders echo monsoon poetry
Thoughts are profound in boundless mind
Hazed misty garb of rain adorns the earth
Sluggish snails crawl leaving silver mucous trail
Spongy mushrooms upon earth have bloomed
Sky orchestrates the symphony of clouds
Fingers quiver as thoughts are unwound
Nadir of my soul stirs up from prolonged slumber
Graceful dreams sparkle gleam upon lids
Spirit floats through rapturous streams
Delinked links I search to string them with torrents
Power of thoughts outwit poetry
Length and breadth of vision is too vast
To compress within the frames of poetry
Marvel of rain transcends thoughts into marvelous aesthetics
Intellect lights ignorant mind with the torch of profundity
Mortal me turn immortal in wisdom’s paradise
Will you for a while hold the palm of my Divine psyche?
Brilliant coloured rainbows I envision since dawn
Abundant hues splash I upon canvas plain
Chaotic chromatic canvas is now my spirit
Be my easel to hold my crayon paintings
Pours, it pours, it downpours
The veil of rain is becoming opaque
Muse bound heart begins the tribal dance
As beauty sways around, pours the bliss
When all the shadows are luminance filled
I speak not the language of humans
I breathed easy lost in meditation
Inhaled fresh air cleanses my polluted lungs
Sweat of my toiled journey it eased with peace
Awakened feel seeps through state of trance
Prophet you are made of morals profound
Truth of truths is your spirit of esteem
Timeless time I walked upon vast shores
Following the footsteps I merged Divine
Hitherto mortals comprehend not the journey of births
Myth, they say, mock and stone me with crooked visions
Doubts of arrows pointedly poisoned pierce the soul
Yet unaware they are, soul is beyond death
Flight of birds end up in a perching
Yet feathers are meant for expanse flight
God, hold me close, for this day is strange
I cease my ceaseless thoughts, to be mundane again

Thara Ganesan


  1. not cage it..
    do not page may not get not gauge may be disappointed..just manage will be at peace

  2. not cage it..
    do not page may not get not gauge may be disappointed..just manage will be at peace