Tuesday, July 7, 2009

from The Pebbles (My poetry collection)

Upon the atrium of desires,
in the silence of a late night hour,
nudity stretches itself
on the strange designs of moon rays.
Pondering the gleam of an unseen cascade,
far away in an abyss,
shamelessly twirls the untamed caprice.
Like the broken shells scattered on the shore,
lie the unstrung dreams.
Fragrant messages of nocturnal blossoms
are mystic invitation to bees
As the clandestine corners
of light forbidden land
shrieks wordlessly, potent mind shatters
sprouting fatigue as in a prairie.
The webbed roots have sucked the moisture of psyche
A geyser springs from a hidden cave
In its gush, wicked thoughts are set to loot
Resoluteness skids, loosing its balance
As the Needle of thoughts perforate the soul
into the mid of night melts a poetry,
as an indecipherable scribbling.

(Transcreation : - கூழாங்கற்கள் நூலில் இருந்து)

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