Thursday, March 5, 2009

My Dogma of Love

A silent battle happens within
I am my own enemy
with whom I am engaged in this fierce battle.
regardless of who wins, victory is mine!

The soul search may or not yield result
Nevertheless, constant is the search
to discover what makes me think
of a greater inner-self?

Saints who preach doctrines

are great souls, of course
I am no saint, but rebellious.
Neither I wish to relate to past
nor to know the future
for, they are labyrinths

Preach, let me not
but comprehend love's magnitude.

Invisible droplets of clouds behold
Yet only showers make them visible.
Invisible is Love
so, Shower!

Unselfish is Love
How would the earth bloom
if clouds are selfish?
Let not love be held fervently
for, its joy lies in the giving.
Be a cloud to shower love
Be thirsty to drink from its ocean
for, Love is recycle

Love neither has directions nor limitations.
for, love is boundless.
Infinite is Love
For, it is natural, beautiful and benevolent.

It does not belong, for, it is, its own.
It could not be controlled
for, it is, its own Master
Such a Master is never a slave.
Passion, fantasy and dreams
are its true disciples
it walks in majesty with them
who follow it with reverence.

It is supreme and reigns emotions
It is the mighty Emperor
of every single living being
Many wish to possess it,
Nevertheless, it could not be,
for, it is omnipresent.

It could not be caged
for, its wings are too wide.
It could not be imprisoned
for, its magnificence is gigantic.
is stands majestic with its
foot beneath the earth
and head beyond the sky
who could build a wall around it?

Comprehend love.
Worship love with blossoming emotions.
It doesn't need a Temple, Church or a Mosque
or any traditional ceremonies to please
It only blooms in sacred emotions.

Though immense,
into the tiny walls of a willing heart,
it could easily fit itself
shrinking itself as a powerful atom.
Remain it will as long as it wishes
and leave as it desires.

No force could hold it,
for, it is a force by itself.
It only yields to softer feelings,
smoother words
and submits itself willfully.

Visualise its magnitude.
Listen to its sweeter melody
feel the joy it fills in you,
yet, do not cage it.

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